Beer Haul: January ’13

This is one of the smallest beer hauls posted so far. I didn’t do any trading this month except for one in person trade so most of these are arrivals from last month plus some regular things I bought for myself to enjoy once February 1st comes around:

Did your FedEx Label fall off the package?

A lot of guys print their FedEx or UPS labels off at home when shipping off “yeast samples” and a few issues arise. Tape over your label and it makes it hard for FedEx to scan Tape all 4 corners of your label and the label can get wet and tear or dirty and unreadable …

Cellaring: New Home Cellar Setup

I’ve read and researched a lot more than I’ve written on this blog about cellaring. Unlike wine, beer cellaring is not mainstream, it’s not well documented and it’s a guessing game as to what improves and what “falls off”. The consensus of most beer geeks is that cellaring is not worth it. I’ve had Lambic …