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I was pretty happy to see this over the weekend. The only time I’ve had HFS beers and not checked in was @ their festivals where there is no cell-service but I’d say this number is pretty accurate. I had my first Hill Farmstead beer in January of 2012 so that’s 2 years and 9 months of drinking Shaun’s beer. Some quick math tells me I have 3.4 Hill Farmstead beers every week since I started drinking them. I’m pretty impressed by that number. 

The only guy ahead of me would be Yourefragile on Untappd. He lives almost 12 hours from Hill Farmstead but is ahead of me in check-ins on almost every HFS beer and I just recently passed him on RateBeer in unique HFS reviews. 

While not a huge accomplishment in the scheme of things, I find this number to be oddly satisfying. Here’s to another 500 Hill Farmstead beers.

Oh and @ an average of $10 per beer, that’s $5,000 USD spent at least @ Hill Farmstead since 2012. Jeezum.