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My goal this month was to surpass last mont’s beer reviews. I did 100 in the month of July reaching 500 reviews. I ended up completing 113 reviews this month…plus or minus a few more this weekend while I’m in New York. I should hit 125 for the month of August.

This isn’t a game I know but I love a challenge and this has been a fun challenge. The cool thing about this month is that I got to visit Ommegang for their BCTC event and twice to Hill Farmstead. Then, I went to San Francisco and visited a lot of breweries that had great samplers. Finally, there was a cool HFS beer tasting at my place 2 weeks ago. This + daily drinking of 750ML bottles at my place and I ended up surpassing my goals.

I doubt I’ll get more than 125 in September and may barely make 100 since it’s a slow month with very few events or tastings planned. Either way, I’m proud of this accomplishment. Doing 1,000 for the year may not happen though but I am on track. We’ll see.