Will the real Adam Harbaugh please stand up? For some reason, Mr. Harbaugh’s real or faked comments on my eBay post last year have led to my blog being #1 when you search for his name + beer. That’s a shame because I’ve never met Adam, I hear he’s a nice guy but I also hear that he’d prefer I didn’t exist so I guess we’re not friends. Adam, I’d like to be friends and have tried to be cordial but you ignore me which is totally fine.

Either way, Google keeps sending traffic to me so if Adam Harbaugh has a blog or Twitter or something, I’ll write a script that detects what Google search brought the users to my blog and redirect them to the right Adam Harbaugh URL. Can someone help me with this? I’m no Harbaugh so I feel bad that people get to my blog instead of his. 

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