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Of the 6,120 searches in the last couple of months from that arrived at my blog, most of them are searching for the blog name itself (as seen above) and almost all of them are from some of the same 50 IP addresses. This constant searching for my blog has lead to Google Suggestions making some very nice recommendations when searching my name (below). “Adam Jackson Twitter” used to be first and now beer is first. Awesome.

As cool as this is, I have to do a quick PSA and simply ask the 50 or so people that every 2 weeks search Google for my blog should just bookmark it already. Bookmark the URL and it’ll save you some time. Better yet, there’s an RSS feed you can subscribe to and a Twitter account that auto-posts new entries.

I’m only trying to save you time because you’ve spent a lot of time typing this blog into Google and you deserve those precious seconds back. Thanks!

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Here are some additional Google referrals from the last couple of months [IMG]. For a dinky part time fun blog, this site is really picking up. That’s always pretty cool.