Bourbon County Vanilla 2010 + McDonalds

The last time I had one of these was split 3 ways with Dave Sakolsky and our mutual friend, Wally. traded for it and it was a few Hill Farmstead stouts like 2012 Damon to get it and this was April of 2012 so probably 4 months after I really got into beer. I loved it as this beer was like vanilla ice cream stout but I had a bottle last night split with a friend and it was nowhere close to what it was. Bottled November of 2010, first tasted April of 2012 and now January of 2013 and I’m glad we’re not holding on to this one much longer. Also, if anyone is curious, this is Chris’ bottle he won at the Binny’s Chicago auction on Black Friday The other bottle for the BCS tasting on the 11th (5 days!!) is the one I traded for in August for Three Lawson’s Maple Tripple beers with Retail1O. Glad we’re going to open that sooner rather than later.

PS: This beer pairs really well with McDonald’s Cheddar Onion Burger!