Beer Trades - USA to Europe

Beer Trading is fun and I enjoy it more when I don’t have to pay for shipping costs. Taking these beers with me and they’re going to some very nice guys. In the effort of transparency (because you guys are weird like that), I’m going to post what I’m getting for each beer.

Adam – Cherry Rye
Him – Tilquin Oude Quetsche (Batch 1)

Adam – HF Anna, NG Serendipity, Surly Syx
Him – 3x LP Gueuze, Struise Brewery releases

Adam – Utopias 2011
Him – Double Black + 2 Lambic Extras

Me – The Dissident, Nemesis 2010, Life & Limb
Him – 3F Beers (Oude Gueuze Vintage 02 – 07 @ 100 Euro total + beers being brought over)

Me – Abyss, RR Framboise for a Cure
Him – De Cam brewery only Lambic

Me – CBS & Mura’d out stout (to drink at tasting)
Me – Anna & Darkness (to trade)
Him – De Cam special brewery only lambic

Me: 750ML Black Note
Him: Pannepot Wild

Me: Cascade Figaro
Him: Blabaer

For me, these trades are all more than awesome and I’m stoked to be doing them. I’ve had almost all of these beers being brought or have extras in the cellar so it’ll be cool to bring some special beers home. Shipping on this trip is one again being sponsored by Belgium in a Box. Kurt is an awesome guy and allows me to ship beers I buy in Belgium back to the USA and his packing job is top notch! I pay him of course but these trips are so much easier with his help! I’ll be buying him a few beers in Antwerp for sure!