February Beer haul - 2015, Hill Farmstead Magnums (Ann, Flora, Art, Arthur)

Saturday is going to be a lot of fun. I think there are 9-12 of us heading up to Central New Hampshire on the VT border to open a lot of large format bottles and a few normal ones. Here’s the list I have so far but it may change over the coming days:

  • Bzart Oude Gueuze (1.5L)
  • Arthur (1.5L)
  • Brother Soigne (1.5L)
  • Civil Disobedience 10 (1.5L)
  • Hill Anna (1.5L)
  • Bourbon Barrel Everett (1.5L)
  • Art (1.5L)
  • Ann (1.5L)
  • Flora (1.5L)
  • Convivial Suarez (1.5L)
  • RR Supplication (3L)
  • Cantillon Gueuze (1.5L)
  • Prairie Eliza5beth (3L, Batch 1/2013)
  • 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze (1.5L, 2004)
  • Cuvée Lambikstoemper
  • Schoune Gueuze La Spontanée
  • Bullfrog Le Roar Grrrz Druiven
  • BIIR Sweet-Sour / Red Series 2014
  • Arthur (1.5L)
  • Brother Soigne (1.5L)
  • Jester King Equipoise (1.5 L)
  • Casey Fruit Stand – Montmorency
  • Casey Fruit Stand – Peach
  • OEC – Experimentalis Bouquet
  • Oceanside Ale Works Daliesque 2011 (750mL)
  • Pour Decisions Salinity (750ml)
  • Fantasia

Any repeated Hill Farmstead Saisons are going to be multiple different batches that hopefully allow us to enjoy the batch diversity of Hill Farmstead beers and how some older bottles are holding up. I’ve already started collecting large bottles for another tasting to take place next summer of a similar size and head-count.

Check back here in a week as I’ll be posting photos from the event as soon as they can be edited.