Two Ratebeerians were passing through my area on their way home from Hill Farmstead. I got to open some beers they haven’t been able to try. It was a nice evening!

Hill Farmstead Elaborative 3

Hill Farmstead Works of Love: 2013 (Sante Adairius)

Hill Farmstead Damon (Port Barrel, 2013)

Beer Tasting, 6-7-2017

2003 Ice Cider Inspiration

2003 Inspiration Ice Cider, amazing still too cloying to enjoy more than this much. Works of Love Sante is perfection, 2013 Port Damon, going very strong. I even wrote Shaun a letter to let him know and ask him to continue brewing such a great beer. Elaborative 3. Too sweet for me but delicious. We had Allagash Uncommon Crow (amazing) and 2011 Gueuze Tilquin (perfect).

It was a nice evening.