Kurt from Belgium In a Box

I write this from a train returning from Antwerpen to Gent (via Brussels) having just spent an evening with the founder of the beer selling website, BelgiumInABox. Kurt ships beer around the world and, on their about page, is featured as a lover of beer who enjoys selling the terrific Belgian styles with the world. Their shipping is fair and their bottle prices are great. There are a lot of online stores for beers from Cantillon and other breweries but Kurt’s store is different.

Kurt was the only person who responded to my inquiry last month to help ship beer from Belgium back to America. Another store did respond but they decided to enforce a policy that I only buy beers from them and they won’t accept drop-offs. Kurt, on the other hand, responded with a kind message saying he loves helping beer lovers and would help me out. He charged me a fantastic price not even taking a single Euro for his time it would take to pack up all of the boxes and only charge for materials and the shipping costs. I still assumed I would be the one packing but, he said it was on him when I showed up with beer today. My boss drove up to Antwerpen from Gent and I met Kurt and a friend. They added up my beer and the total was very fair. It would have been impossible for me to get this pricing if I had packaged the beer myself and shipped via standard post or any other carrier. He is an expert so that’s why I went to a store like his to get a quote. He was so nice about the process.

So, today I showed up with close to 200 Kilograms of beer (a crap load of beer) and it was counted and I paid him and then found out he would be shipping for me and I wouldn’t have to do any of the packing. Very nice of him. We had some Genever and talked about life, beer and about business. He’s totally independent on his beer sales and truly does love beer. 

Afterward, Kurt and his friend joined me at the world famous Kulminator bar for a few beers before I rushed to my train back to Gent.

For sure, it’s hard always to put a face to the name. I wanted to get a photo of Kurt because so many of us in the beer community use Belgium in a Box or services like it to order our beers that are hard to find here in America or wherever we are in the world. I’m happy to report that Kurt is a very friendly guy with great intentions and loves to share beers with us via an online shop. If you’re ever in Antwerpen, send him an email via the website and take him out for a beer. Then, go online and order some beer from him. Great people and a nice person to meet in this growing beer community.