This was LONG overdue. For the past 2 months, I’ve been adding and taking out beers from the cellar without updating the huge Excel file that I created in March. After my return from Belgium, it was important to go back and add in what I have. I need to also update my “Haves” on RateBeer as those are up to date. For example, I’ve consumed all of my Hill Farmstead Damon and Mimosa but those are still on my Haves. 

Today, I not only took full inventory of all beer, I organized my entire cellar by beer style. Two whole shelves are Russian Imperial Stouts and another two shelves devoted to Lambics, American Wilds and Saisons. It was a good exercise because I was thinking this whole time I didn’t have many Stouts but realized I had way more than I thought with some being 3-4 years old and past overdue to drink. 

Finally, I took all non-cellarable beers to the best of my knowledge and transferred some to my fridge and others to a shelf that was the “drink now” shelf. I will lean toward these on nights that I want a beer but am not craving one thing in particular. 

That’s what I did today on my day off. The video I posted last week is now out of date since the cellar has completely been re-organized. That’s how it goes though. I’ll try to keep things in this style and then post an update some time in August. 

What’s a big cellar organization without an updated Cellar Doc? I’ve uploaded my cellar doc to Google if anyone out there is interested. My July and August trading budget is totally spent as of this weekend so I’m not doing any trades but that’s really just shipping. Local friends which I know a few of you read this are welcome to drop me an email and let me know if you want to trade. I’m trying to drink down my stouts and increase the amount of wild beers in the cellar. Let’s trade!

HERE is a link to my updated Beer Cellar as of July 2nd. 

You can also view the cellar on which I like their interface a lot. It’s very nice.