Eden Cidery

I love Eden Ciders! After many visits to their tasting room and cidery in Newport, VT, this group is making real Ice Cider while very few American companies are doing this in such a traditional way. Canada and the Quebec Province has very stringent Ice Cider standards and Eden follows these closely. The result is exceptional Ice Cider for a bit cheaper than I’d pay at an SAQ Store in Quebec. 

It looks like Eden is trying to raise money to increase production and footprint of their distribution and the discounts should pay for the $50 I just spent to contribute to their fundraising efforts.

More info:

We need your help to build the platform that will allow people around the country to order our ciders online. Founding members will receive extra-deep discounts on our ciders, access to super-limited library editions of our ciders, and invitations to exclusive events. The $50 you spend on a founding membership is easily made up through the extra discount, and in the meantime that investment will help us to build and launch the ecommerce and compliance platforms to make direct shipping easy and legal for our ciders.

Only 200 Founding Memberships are available, due principally to the limited amount of some of the special ciders that will be offered.

Cider Club members agree to purchase and receive 4 shipments of 3 ciders each per year. We keep your credit card information on file, and ship according to a published schedule. The cost of each shipment will vary between $55 and $75, depending on the ciders included, plus shipping and any required taxes.

As a Founding Member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 20% discount on all Club Shipment ciders 
  • Allocation priority for new limited release ciders
  • Special library edition ciders not available to regular Club members or distributors
  • Invitations to private events (annual pig roast at the orchard, tastings, dinners)
  • More information about how the Cider Club works is available here

You can sign up here 

Eden Cidery