A lot of guys print their FedEx or UPS labels off at home when shipping off “yeast samples” and a few issues arise.

  • Tape over your label and it makes it hard for FedEx to scan
  • Tape all 4 corners of your label and the label can get wet and tear or dirty and unreadable
  • Tape with “box tape” instead of shipping tape and you risk covering up key parts of the label and, when even slightly humid, box tape can come right off.

Tip: Box tape is usually brown and shipping tape is generally clear or translucent. 

So, the guys who have lost packages due to torn or missing labels is a very easy problem to avoid. Simply use clear sticky label pouches. FedEx and UPS sell them via their website and unfortunately, you can’t use FedEx labels in UPS label holders or at least it’s discouraged. I’ve gotten away with it a few times but am always told to use the proper pouches.

I actually drop off my packages at either FedEx Office (Kinkos) or Staples (a UPS drop center) since most local drop boxes don’t accept the boxes I send. So, if you use one of these centers, simply ask them when dropping off packages if you could have a few of those sticky labels. They always give me 25-50 of them for free if I ask nicely. The way these work is pretty simple. You fold the printed label in half and stick it in the pouch and the whole thing is one sticky plastic pouch for your box. For extra assurance against suspicious UPS guys going through your boxes, you can put the 8×10 inch pouch over the box opening / area you taped closed. 

These pouches are reliable, water-tight and keep labels affixed to the boxes very well.