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At DIRECTV NOW,℠ our passion is to deliver a one-of-a-kind entertainment streaming service at a great value. Recently we introduced our True Cloud DVRBETA with 20 free hours* and an updated user experience. And since our launch, we’ve added over 200 local channels nationwide.
In order to keep enhancements like these coming, we’re adjusting our prices. Starting 08/08/2018, the cost of your Go Big package will increase by $5/mo. to $40/mo.
We know value is important, and that’s why we are determined to keep packing in as many features and benefits as possible while continuing to keep your prices low.

I don’t use this. My Girlfriend does for crappy reality TV shows. We joined the week this service came out for $35 forever. I was trying to find the original TOS I signed when joining but found this instead from 2016:

“We want to let our potential DIRECTV NOW customers know our limited-time pricing on the “Go Big” package will end Monday, Jan. 9. Any current DIRECTV NOW customers, and those who sign up before the promotion ends, will stay at the special price of $35 for “Go Big” package. That’s a monthly savings of $25. Customers who sign up for this offer will continue to enjoy this special price for as long as they keep the package, subject only to future reasonable programming price increases applicable to all packages.”

Since prices went up by $5 on all accounts, DirectTV’s promise that $35 was forever was still factually correct but they can get away with increases. I’ll leave it up to her with what she’s okay with spending but as I’ve said many times on this blog, the un-bundling will become the most profitable thing to ‘dumb pipe’ providers since by the minute long-distance fees…2nd only to individual SMS fees of 35 cents each.

In 2010, you paid $250 a month for Cable, Internet, Phone and more channels than you’d ever watch. Now, you pay $150 for Internet, $40 for DirectTV Now, $20 for Hulu, $15 for Apple Music, $150 a year to Amazon Prime and rent a few movies a month online. We’re paying more for less. I’m honestly tempted to grab a TiVo with lifetime service for $500 and sign back up for Cable TV. I can skip ads (something you can’t do with modern streaming), I can watching things whenever I want, I don’t have to wait the next day to see something that aired I’ll pay significantly less.