Arthur - Hill Farmstead Brewery, Greensboro, VT

  • AROMA 10/10
  • TASTE 7/10
  • PALATE 5/5
  • OVERALL 18/20
  • MAR 17, 2012


  • PIcked this up two weeks ago at the Hill. Thanks Shaun! Beautiful beer! Put in the fridge for a few minutes and poured into a Hill Farmstead glass.
  • A – 3-finger crystal clear head that shimmers like crystal. Very tight bubbles almost creamy. The beer is a hazy golden color. Deep orange gold color. Gorgeous beer.
  • S – Great spices like pepper and some other very bitey spice. Loving the very bready and sort of butter-like croissant scent. There’s a terrific tangy scent that you related to great farmhouse saisons and a lot of dry white-wine appeal. I’d be happy just smelling this beer!
  • T – Dry Saison is what I first get. The spice is a bit too much but it’s not terrible, I’m just not a fan of so much spice. Maybe that’s why they call this a “rustic” saison. Very dry finish which pulls the spice away leaving a lingering tangy taste.
  • M – Huge explosion of bubbles on the swish but not bubbles that expand your cheeks. Carbonation without full-ness. Very nice. Light bodied and easy to drink
  • O – I’d like this beer. HFS’s Anna I prefer but this is still a solid Saison but just a little spicy for me.

Pouring Arthur - Hill Farmstead Brewery, Greensboro, VT