I was contacted by Mukul via Flickr and he asked to use one of my photos. I really appreciate his writing me. While my photos are uploaded at full resolution, I have most licenses marked as “all rights reserved” or “noncommercial / no-derivative” which would keep someone of making a painting like this.

There have been some cool works before where strangers would draw me like this one and this one. There was also a sketcher that did a drawing of a photo I took in Belgium that came out really great!

The finished oil painting from this talented photography & artist takes the cake. It’s gorgeous, stunning and so well-done. I don’t know if this will make its way to Shaun Hill but it would make a great addition at the farmstead next to Elizabeth’s cross-stitch of their logo.

Here’s the original photo that I took in early 2012:



Here is the version Mukul did and posted to his Flickr account:

The artist has a ton of other really impressive photos on his Flickr stream. I didn’t see many beer related ones but he’s quite the talented guy. If he’s not okay with me hot-linking to the original, I can take it down and replace it with just URL. But seeing these photos side-by-side is certainly impressive. He even captured the bubbles in the growler!