Homebrew Additions

I’m pretty busy this week so I snapped this photo before tossing these into 2 of my carboys.

I brewed Tart of Darkness Clone and Consecration Clone in August/September. They are both tasting really good and that means it’s time to add in these little things. The Tart of Darkness gets 2 ounces of Bourbon Chunks that I soaked in some more bourbon since they were packaged last year and had lost a lot of whiskey nose. The second are chunks from Cabernet barrels that previously held wine and then Russian River Consecration. That went into the carboy along with 2 pounds of currants. I hate a few of them and mmm so good.

This means I need to rush to drink / dispose of 2 kegs of beers so I can keg these two beers in roughly 4-6 weeks. It’s doable and now that I have a kegerator going again, won’t be too difficult.

Going to share some pics of the build once it’s done. I’m waiting for a few more parts and I had some tap handles made in my favorite wood, Mahogany.