My Home Brewing Beer Kit Arrived

This just arrived. When I’m back from Belgium, my Kegging kit and Kegerator conversation kit will arrive as well. I decided to jump right into kegging. It will be a cost savings over time and, if I am completely terrible at brewing beer, I can always use the kegerator for the purchase of commercial beers from local breweries. I may still bottle a few beers as my kit came with caps and a capping mechanism and there’s no shortage of bottles around the house. I save all of them for recycling. Kegging will be an awesome way for friends to enjoy my beers and I have a few 750ML flip-top growlers that friends can fill if they want to take some beers home.

Brew day is this Saturday. I’m still contemplating which recipes to do for the first two beers. I do know the 1st will be all malt extract and the second will be a partial mash. Stoked to embark on the next evolution in loving beer. I’ll try to get some photos of the brew process. I expect to do a very poor job on my first go but that’s what makes this so much fun!