Fermenting Beer

I’m actually brewing ONE more batch of beer tomorrow which will equal 5 total beers fermenting with 4 beers full and on tap plus about 40 more bottles of home-brew from previous batches (12% Barleywine, 8% Oaked Chocolate Stout, 3% Raspberry Hefe and my 8% Orange and Honey porter). Too much beer? Well, the most of what’s fermenting is longer aging beer. I don’t think these will be kegged for a while.

The first carboy is a Belgian Orange Wit. The second is my Rhubarb, Strawberry Berliner Weisse which was brewed in September and I added fruit additions a few weeks ago. A VERY nice pellicle has formed and it should be ready to drink in January. If it needs longer, I’ll make it go longer. No need to take a sample until January. Third is what I brewed today, the Imperial Stout which should come in around 12-13%. I don’t know what additions it will receive but it’s going to need a lot of time before I’m ready to drink it. I’m thinking 3 months or more. The final carboy is my Belgian Chimay Dubbel (Yellow Label). It should be ready in 3-4 months as well.

So, along the way, I’ll probably brew another IPA but these are all extended aging beers.

Tomorrow, I am brewing the final beer of 2012. It is another hefeweizen similar to the one I brewed with Raspberries back in September. I undershot my efficiency due to poorly crushed grains and it was only 3.8% and very tart with raspberries. This time, I’m using honey and a better grain crush to get a higher OG and, to match up with the sweetness of honey, I’ll be adding 2 pounds of frozen blueberries to the primary 2 weeks before kegging.

That’s an update on things. Thanks for reading!

Fermenting Beer