I now have seven corny kegs which is fantastic for some beers that I want to get out of carboys and carbonated to make things easier to tap. By Sunday, all of them will be full of fermented beer!

(sorry for the absolutely terrible iPhone photos)

IMG 4378

As a follow up to my post a few hours ago, I decided with the help of Alan (a reader of this blog) to go ahead and keg both saisons. The sour saison at 1.028 gravity is only going to get more sour and the blueberry at 1.001 isn’t going to do much more so if I want more sweetness, I could add some DME up to 1.010 or just add some blueberry extract to sweeten things up but I’m going to do neither and just keg it. I also did a test today of the 3% Maple Sap beer that will receive some Apple-Flavored Extract in the keg. It took 7 days to completely ferment down to expected FG so I’m cold crashing that as well and will keg all of these on Sunday.

IMG 4383

For now, cooling down these beers to legging / yeast cake temp requires fully emptying out my kegerator. I think this summer I will get a keezer to make things much easier so I can have beers on tap and another fridge for storage / fermentation. Will make things easier. Also, on days I pickup a lot of growlers, Elizabeth will be happy if those growlers are stored anywhere but our main fridge which is almost always full of food .

Tomorrow is Lawson’s 5th anniversary with a few events planned

  • Tonight: Prohibiton Pig has Double Sunshine on Cask and Lawson’s amazing “Toast” black IPA….one of the best black IPAs I’ve ever had. Also, HFS Double Citra / Friendship & Reunion on tap. You should get there! They’re giving out a Lawson’s “beer lover’s ball” ticket at 10PM
  • Tomorrow:
    • AM: Worthy Burger Double Sunshine Breakfast
    • Noon: Lawson’s Farmers Market with special vendors and special bottles for sale
    • Evening: Ticketed event, beer lover’s ball with Mad Taco serving up awesome burritos, live music and special beer pours. I’m looking forward mostly to Farmhouse Rye 2009…great beer that I wish I had bought more of over the summer when it was on sale.

Everyone have a great weekend and thanks for reading.