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Two months ago, I tried something simple. I brewed a beer with about 7 pounds of 2-Row with Motueka and Brett B. It’s been a big hit. Lots of people have come over and had it on tap and drank that same beer all night. For how simple it is, it really has been hugely popular. So I’m going to evolve this a bit adding some grains that add a bit more to the taste and mouthfeel and using my favorite hop. The yeast is unchanged and it’s going to be slightly larger in ABV. If this is a success, I’ll fill around with the grains and hop schedule but will continue to culture Brett B.
Currently, I’m brewing my Belgian Wit that I’ve made a few times. belgian Wit yeast, half an ounce of orange peel and some standard grains for a beer around 4%. My GF loves it and maybe I’ll add 8-10 clementines to the fermenter since we have too many laying around the house.