Fermenting Beer in Carboys

Still being a total noob at home brewing, I try to spend more time reading and learning than I do brewing. The ratio has been good so far. I often have to read each book twice due to my utter lack of comprehension on a first reading. I’m that way with every book and wish more home brewing books came in audio format because I retain more that way.

I received a question via Facebook asking me what books I’ve read so far in home brewing. While I’m a terrible home brewer, I have learned a lot from the following books and recommend them highly. If there are other books out there that I should have read by now, please let me know!

Up next, I want to read Farmhouse Ales because, of the styles I drink most often, Saisons are my favorite followed by Lambic and then IPAs. For the most part, the IPAs I’m brewing are fantastic and very delicious but it’s probably just the freshness aspect. I also live in Vermont with tons of great hoppy IPAs available locally from nice brewers. Lambic is expensive to buy so I’ve wanted to brew one but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Still reading, researching and learning from books before I attempt this. Saisons are delicious. I’ve brewed 5 of them so far with mixed results. It would be good to get better at this category.