Today, I brewed a clone of Surly Furious. It’s actually an all-grain kit from Midwest Supplies. I like their all-grain kits especially when I’m feeling lazy. I almost always make changes to them. In this one, I beefed up the 2-row and Munich malt. I also did an addition of the juice of 8 Navel Oranges within the last 5 minutes of the boil.

I’d say it was a successful brew day but the cold weather is keeping me brewing inside because evaporation in 10 degree weather is extreme but my stove burners just aren’t as good as my Bayou Burner so I’m having to add about 2 hours to brew day because it takes a lot longer to get strike water and the wort up to a good boil. I tried using my turkey fry burner for a few minutes today but the weather is just too cold.

I took a few photos throughout the day. I love seeing wort coming out of the mash tun. This is going to be a very beautiful beer!

Sparging Surly Furious Clone
Wort out of the Mash Tun
Sparging Surly Furious Clone
First cycle of the Wort
Sparing Grain @ 160F
I’m lucky to have VERY hot water coming out of my sink (around 160F) so I have a very easy to use sparge option directly from the sink
Boiling Wort
Attempted to boil outside but it was still too cold.
Beautiful Hops
Hop Additions of Amarillo, Simcoe, Warrior and Ahtanum
Navel Oranges for IPA
Fresh Squeezed Navel Oranges
Goomba King Sleeping
My brewing assistant fell short of his duties today