As I posted on HomeBrewTalk this week

The beer gun arrived yesterday. 

I’m glad that I spent the extra $20 on the accessory kit. It had everything I needed. Unless you have tubing, flange connectors, ball lock connectors and other nuts and bolts just laying around, it would be a pain to remove all of that from my kegerator setup so the accessory kit was perfect. 

Also, it says on instructions you need a dual output CO2 regulator. I had that but, since I’m usually a multiple keg setup, this works as well – So my splitter or dual regulator. The only thing that’s good about me having the dual regulator is that i can do a higher PSI for the O2 purge on the beer gun and another for the bottle fill. That was nice. 

Moving on, it was a slow start but eventually, I got a rythym. In 3 hours, I brewed a Belgian Saison and while that was boiling / cooling / siphoning to primary, I filled 12, 1-litre swing tops of my 12.5% barley wine, another 10 22-ounce bombers of my smoked chocolate imperial stout and finished up with 3, 2 litre swing top growlers full of my previous Belgian Saison.

This freed up these three kegs (some were half empty) for some other beers and I can let that stout and barleywine age for a few months before I enjoy them.

So, $100 for the beer gun + $150 for the regulator + $50+/- in bottles but it’s all reusable. 

Thought I’d post that for guys that have kegs but want to bottle things for friends, parties or competitions. This is pretty nice.

Blichmann Beer Gun
Blichmann Beer Gun
Blichmann Beer Gun
It’s an expensive way to fill bottles but, for example I kegged my barley wine and it’s no where near ready to be consumed. So, everyone said to bottle it but now it’s legged so I bought the beer gun and filled 12, 1-litre bottles with it + a few bombers. Easy as cake. This isn’t an accessory I’ll use every week but it’s a solid addition to the brewing lineup.