ICUs ICUs ICUs!!! My first experiment with these has been a success. I brewed two IPAs just about 2 months ago. The first, a Surly Furious clone and the second, a Double Galaxy clone loosely based on this one. I kegged these  and waited 2 weeks for things to settle a bit and for carbonation levels to balance. The results are fantastic and I could drink both of these beers all day! Well, the fact that the Double Galaxy clone came in a bit high means I can only do a few glasses of it at a time.

I wanted to share some photos of the experiment.

Here’s the Furious Clone

Surly Furious Clone w/ Navel Oranges

Here’s the Double Galaxy. It’s a bit darker due to the amount of malts:

Double Galaxy Hopped IPA

On Saturday, I did a beer tasting with some new friends. There were 6 people and the Surly Furious was a huge hit mostly because it was the most drinkable at 6%. You really get the maltiness of 10% in the Galaxy