Fermenting / Cellaring Homebrewed Beers

I realized the other day that my beer closet was full of fermenting beer. I’ve been pretty busy with beer brewing and sharing a lot of it with neighbors by filling growlers, pitchers and pint glasses for them. Getting feedback is very helpful. 

Currently Pouring:

  • The last half gallon or so of my Blackberry Wheat
  • A 3 Gallon batch of an American Pale Ale dry-hopped with Citra (single Hop beer)
  • 2.5 gallons that’s left over of the Oaked Imperial Stout. It’s really balancing out over the last 2 months. It’s still too smokey for my taste but some people like it. I may bottle what’s left and sit on it for a while.

Currently Aging:

  • My 11.5-12.5% Barleywine. This is a best of a beer and right now it’s incredibly boozy so I have it in the closet at 62 Degrees to get some age on it. No idea how it will turn out but, every time I tap it, I think this is really sweet and has lots of citrus but is still way too boozy.

Currently Fermenting:

  • Another Wheat beer. Elizabeth wants me to do another blackberry addition. I’d prefer to do maple but she’s picky about beers so I’ll probably re-brew the blackberry wheat just for her. 
  • An Ommegang Hennepin clone. It’s a belgian-style saison beer with sweet orange peel and honey added. it is only one week into fermentation so I just added the pound of honey. Things are still pretty vigorous but it should be ready for my work’s home-brew competition next month.

We’re doing an unofficial competition at work where people can bring bottles or kegs. I was going to bring my small pale ale, wheat and saison and see what people think. Should be a success. We’ll see!

So, that’s an update on things. My wild culture is really taking off. Guess I should get another carboy and do a wild beer. It’s a long fermentation process so better to start now.