I brewed 2 days in a row before leaving for Europe. One day after getting back, I wasted no time getting another kit and trying another one. These kits are expensive but it’s helping my comfort level and I still haven’t gotten around to picking up the supplies for an all-grain brew. 

When I brewed the first two beers, a Double IPA and Hefeweizen, I didn’t have a hydrometer so I never took an original gravity. So, taking a final gravity couldn’t help because I had no baseline. It’s hard to tell if fermentation was done when I kegged my beer but it’s been sitting for 3 weeks in the fermenters and both were pretty low ABV beers. I’m taking my chances.

Kegging my Double IPAKegging my Double IPAKegging my Double IPA

That was the Double IPA I was kegging. It is darker than I had hoped but smells and tastes really amazing. Since my kegerator doesn’t arrive until Saturday, I put a bit of priming sugar in there to start the carbonation process and I was lucky to get a good seal and all of the O2 has been expelled from the keg which is good. 

The kegs are currently sitting in my bedroom looking all pretty filled with beer.

The same night, I decided to undertake a big beer. I brewed a Russian Imperial stout with Cocoa added. Expected gravity was 1.075 – 1.08 and I ended up with 1.084. I believe this is because the recipe didn’t call for the cocoa and that elevated things a bit.

Brewing my Russian Imperial Stout

Brewing my Russian Imperial Stout

Brewing my Russian Imperial StoutBrewing my Russian Imperial Stout

So, that’s brewed and fermenting in the carboy. It’s been 36 hours and the krausen is looking great almost hitting the top of the carboy and I went ahead and installed a blow-off tube at the start to account for any problems. Smaller carboy + big batches = blowoff tube every time according to my friend David. 

The Imperial Stout I expect to take 4 weeks to finish but I don’t know for sure. It’s a big beer so the yeast may have to work extra to get to it. I hope to have a final product of 11% when all is done. Here are some photos of the fermentation.

My Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout 36 HoursMy Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout 36 HoursMy Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout 36 Hours

I am getting a 2nd hand kegerator from a guy locally. It’s a full-size fridge with room for 4 homebrew kegs but it only currently has 2 taps. $400 gets me the entire setup + 10 gallon CO2 tank + cleaning system and a home brew keg. I’ll be able to add two more taps if I want which I’ll probably just use for carbing the beer, not really always having 4 on tap, For sure, I’ll get some photos once that is up.