Moeder Lambic-2

The question I see most often is how to store Lambic beers. It comes up in person and online and everyone argues their way is best. One side says to stand it upright and the other says to lay it down. I explored many cellars in Belgium. I saw cellars that were for beer sales (both retail and bars) and I saw home cellars where guys had stored beers in a real cellar (not closet) for years with great results.

The outcome of this time was that it truly is 50/50 between upright and sideways storage of Lambic beers. I had a 1992 Gueuze that had been stored on its side since purchase.It was exceptional. No cork flavors, great carbonation and little oxidation. I also had a 1994 Lou Pepe Kriek from Cantillon store upright at 68 degrees in a dark cellar at Delirium Cafe in Brussels. I went back to their cellar and grabbed it myself. Hundreds of Lambic beers were sitting all upright. I had 5 bottles that night and each of them was exceptional and all stored upright. The Cantillon argument because all photos of their cellar are bottles stored on their side is simply because of space. Because of limited space, they store all bottles on the side and the head brewer has said that it’s fine to store them on their side but he has never said you should store them on their side.

I think, more important than storage orientation is the temperature and light. Totally dark room, under 70 degrees F and your Lambic will age well. As for storage, do what you feel is right.