VTBeer just posted a few photos with this excerpt from the plans:

Approximately  70% of the 99.17 acre Hill Farmstead is prime agriculture land. The immediate area around the existing structure consists of level, open land, with a number of existing trees, abutted by a dense, mix stand of forest land. The goal of Hill Farmstead Brewery is to revive, diversify, and prolong the memory of our ancestral heritage.

All nearby trees will be retained and remain undisturbed by this project. A few new trees and minor landscaping will be incorporated into the overall design for site improvement.

In the future, we would like to install solar panels. We will use highly efficient bulbs, highly efficient insulation, windows, solar hot water, as well as high efficiency hot water heaters.

It seems so long ago but I remember attending the Greensboro town council meeting and hearing the local support for this brewery expansion, seeing the proud faces of Shaun’s parents and his brother who were in attendance and the small team of employees that work full time at the #1 brewery in the world.

The proposal was approved and the brewery began work on the expansion. I spend so much time up there that I can see so many positives from this layout and how great it’s going to be that the brewers can tend to barrels, beer and stocks of bottles and kegs in privacy while customers come to get growlers filled. There’s more space to breathe and the Hill Farmstead will remain quaint but certainly more space than they currently have in the tiny barn.

Congrats Shaun and company. I look forward to stepping my foot in there in maybe a year or so.