I’ve always been fascinated by the Hill Farmstead logo. Something about it just really catches my eye, maybe the simplicity. Adam’s been getting into beer lately so we’ve been making drives to the brewery and they put this logo with different colors on every beer. It’s local, so they don’t distribute more then a few miles away from Greensboro, VT and even that is just kegs to pubs. The brewery is nothing fancy, just what they need. You literally buy the beer right next to the fermenters. They are way up in farmland yet their parking lot always seems to be full with multiple state tags. I figured this was just the kind of local business that would appreciate some homemade craftwork. So one day I made this…..

Elizabeth worked really hard on making this awesome cross-stitch for Shaun and the HFS family. I think it’s wonderful and she has been planning on doing it and working on it for a while. I’d recommend clicking the link above and checking out her photos. From concept to finished product, it’s a very cool project and I hope Shaun enjoys it just as much as we enjoy drinking his beers. 

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