Lawson's Finest Liquids - Montpelier Farmer's Market

While I’m sure everyone is hating the volume of posts I’m making today, I just wanted to share some Vermont beer news. Sean Lawson who is a home brewer that’s licensed to sell beer (seriously, his setup is tiny) is releasing a beer this Saturday that’s so unique and so special  that you must buy a bottle.

Saturday, July 6th at the Waitsfield Farmers Market will be the inaugural release of bottles of the 2012 Maple Tripple Ale. One batch of this very special brew is crafted each year using maple sap from the late runnings of the maple sugaring season, then carefully aged for a year in maple liquor barrels before bottling.

Lawson’s Finest will also be offering bottles of the Maple Tripple at the Farmers Markets on August 10,  September 21, and October 12. This beer is not available in retail stores, bars or restaurants.

You can read more on the Lawson’s Blog

Other beers to be released:

2012 Maple Tripple Ale (12%) – $25/500ml
Double Sunshine IPA (8%) – $9/22oz
Chinooker’d IPA (6.9%) – $8/22oz
Toast Black IPA (5.9%) – $7/22oz
Spring Fever Session IPA (3.8%) – $7/22oz
Jack’s Abby/Lawson’s Smoked Maple Lager (6%) – $5/500ml

Toast Black IPA is one of the finest Black IPAs I’ve ever tasted. Double Sunshine needs no introduction and Spring Fever is the greatest Session IPA I’ve ever had. Spring Fever is heaven in a glass and a beer you won’t want to share with friends.

The big news here is that Maple Tripple last year was $30 so it’s $5 cheaper this year which is great. The cost seems high but I’ve had some experience with maple sap and let me tell you that you get 100 gallons of it and boil it down to the level of sugar concentration you want losing almost 80% of the water content and then throw that into a Maple Liquor barrel for a year before bottling. It’s a Vermont beer in every way and worth sharing with a few friends and it’s cellarable for a very long time. I’ve had Maple Tripple that’s 2 years old and it’s still drinking very well.

I plan on being there and buying 4 Maple Tripple, 4 Toast and 4 Spring Fever because 2 Maple Tripple last year wasn’t enough. Maybe I’ll see you?

Lawson's Beer Haul 6-9-2012