Preparing homebrews

My month away from beer has been only slightly successful. Hill Farmstead Mary and Life without Principle #2 were released so I did try both of them to get my reviews in (Tickers Gotta Tick). Other than that, I did sample a couple of ounces of each home brew last week to see how the carbonation was. Compared to the 3x750mLs a night I was doing all throughout 2012, this is nothing.

Anyway, FedEx dropped off some grain, hops and yeast today with a few adjuncts to bring in the new year! I hope to have these all happily fermenting in carboys before I leave for Belgium at the end of February and keg them when I get back.

The FINAL record of what’s brewing this month? (because I keep changing my mind)

1st up, Boulevard Brewing Saison Brett Clone!

2nd is a 4% “lawnmower” saison with blueberries

3rd is a Surly Furious Clone

4th is a Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy Clone.

Update:┬áJust realized I have Monday off from work for MLK day. Guess I’m going to do two brew days this weekend.