Goomba King & His Cone

I’m AdamJackson on RateBeer and AdamJackson on HomeBrewTalk and AdamJackson on Untappd and AdamJackson on Facebook and AdamJackson on Twitter and many other social networks. I am not a member of Beer Advocate and never will be. I don’t post on RateBeer either. I am all about discovering great beers for myself, privately talking to beer friends and doing reviews on things I get off the shelf or with regular trading buddies.

I think this is the best approach to maintain a healthy balance between life and beer. I’ve seen my name mentioned a few times (via Google Alerts) on some beer sites where people on these sites assume I’ve registered a new account. I won’t be anyone but myself on the Internet.  “adamjackson” on Google yields 43,000 results. Wanna stalk me? That’s a good place to start. 

Sorry to sound so aggressive but it’s absurd to think that I am completely incapable of functioning without posting on beer forums all day. I know I’m a bit obsessive but I can shift that obsession to other things and have done so quite smoothly. <Insert cheese pun here>.

Anyway, I’m happy to have a nice bit of readers since the aftermath that stop by to this page. 150 uniques a day to this site with about half coming from Google and the other half being a mix of direct traffic or my RSS feed. Very nice of you guys to leave comments with helpful tips and encouraging thoughts. Much appreciated. Going to go open my last Sierra Nevada Hoptimum and write.