Beer Haul – 3-18-12

I’d like to try something new. Each time I buy, find or receive new beer (yes, those are all unique cases) I’m going to post a blog with the latest beer shipment. I might post once a month or once a week any new beers I’ve received since the last post but I’ll never do more than one of these a week. Sound good?

This time, I’m going to cover beer and beer related goodies received between March 14th to March 18th.


These two photos are of beer I received from a friend in San Francisco.

Mid-March Beer Trade

Mid-March Beer Trade

  • One Dogfish Head Noble Rot
  • Two Dogfish Head & Sierra Nevada Life & Limb
  • Two New Belgium La Folie Sour Ale
  • Four Stone Old Guardian 2012
  • Three BrewDog Tokyo*
  • Two BrewDog / Three Floyds Bitch Please
  • Four Russian River Pliny the Elder
  • Three Russian River Supplication
  • Two Russian River Redemption
  • One Russian River Damnation
  • One Russian River Consecration
  • One Samuel Adams Third Voyage


Beer Haul - 3-18-2012


These are items I acquired by various trades:

  • Eight Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout
  • One O’Fallon Brewery B.D.S.
  • One Schlafly Brewing Quadrupel
  • One Schlafly Brewing Grand Cru
  • One Perennial Artisan Ales Heart of Gold
  • One 2nd Shift Brewing El Gato Grande
  • One Dogfish Head Pangaea
  • One Sun King Wee Muckle

Beer Haul - 3-18-2012

These are some beers I acquired just to taste and rate. None of them hold any real big value to me. They’re just for one ounce

pours to taste and then I’ll either pour them or finish them depending on the taste.


  • One Murphy’s Stout
  • One Belgian Style IPA
  • One Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
  • One Bud Light Platinum
  • One Guinness Black Lager
  • One Guinness Extra STout
  • One Harpoon Munich Dark
  • One Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale
  • One Smuttynose Old Brown Dog
  • One Trout River Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
  • One Russian River Consecration (previously pictured, not sure how this got in there)

Beer Haul - 3-18-2012

These are some beers I acquired just to taste and rate. None of them hold any real big value to me. They’re just for one ounce pours to taste and then I’ll either pour them or finish them depending on the taste.

So, that’s this week’s haul. Can’t wait for next week. i have 3 boxes headed my way from trades so we’ll see what those have in store.

Review: Hill Farmstead Arthur

Arthur - Hill Farmstead Brewery, Greensboro, VT

  • AROMA 10/10
  • TASTE 7/10
  • PALATE 5/5
  • OVERALL 18/20
  • MAR 17, 2012


  • PIcked this up two weeks ago at the Hill. Thanks Shaun! Beautiful beer! Put in the fridge for a few minutes and poured into a Hill Farmstead glass.
  • A – 3-finger crystal clear head that shimmers like crystal. Very tight bubbles almost creamy. The beer is a hazy golden color. Deep orange gold color. Gorgeous beer.
  • S – Great spices like pepper and some other very bitey spice. Loving the very bready and sort of butter-like croissant scent. There’s a terrific tangy scent that you related to great farmhouse saisons and a lot of dry white-wine appeal. I’d be happy just smelling this beer!
  • T – Dry Saison is what I first get. The spice is a bit too much but it’s not terrible, I’m just not a fan of so much spice. Maybe that’s why they call this a “rustic” saison. Very dry finish which pulls the spice away leaving a lingering tangy taste.
  • M – Huge explosion of bubbles on the swish but not bubbles that expand your cheeks. Carbonation without full-ness. Very nice. Light bodied and easy to drink
  • O – I’d like this beer. HFS’s Anna I prefer but this is still a solid Saison but just a little spicy for me.

Pouring Arthur - Hill Farmstead Brewery, Greensboro, VT

Review: Hill Farmstead Fear and Trembling (Bourbon Barrel)

Fear And Trembling - Hill Farmstead Brewery, Greensboro, VT

  • AROMA 9/10
  • TASTE 8/10
  • PALATE 4/5
  • OVERALL 18/20
  • MAR 17, 2012


  • A friend shared this with me. It’s a year old now and still tasting great. Enjoyed in a Hill Farmstead Glass. (Reviewed on my iPhone)
  • A one finger coffee head , oily slick black. Pitch black. Lacing some alcohol legs
  • S cocoa nibs. Coffee. Cream espresso , maple syrup, sugar
  • T wood smoked wood and malt. Red wine (Cabernet)
  • M – 50% mouth feel. Heavy bodied. Wood and oak linger
  • O – Pretty good. Definitely an A grade

Review: New Belgium La Folie

La Folie - New Belgium Brewing - Fort Collins, CO


  • AROMA 9/10
  • TASTE 9/10
  • PALATE 5/5
  • OVERALL 17/20
  • MAR 17, 2012


  • A friend in San Francisco shipped this over. Poured into a Tulip at fridge temperature.
  • A – 1 finger off white head. Gone immediately. Dark read to brown appearance.
  • S – seriously tart. Citrus and berries, wood and Pinot grigio. Cherries
  • T – insane tartness. Berries, red wine, oak ands some smokiness. Floral
  • M – 90% bubbles. Light bodies
  • O – wow. A+

Review: Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)

2012 Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) - Four Pack

  • AROMA 9/10
  • TASTE 9/10
  • PALATE 3/5
  • OVERALL 17/20
  • MAR 17, 20122012
  • Batch brewed on 2-17-2012 (1 Month Ago). Poured into a Tulip Glass at Cellar Temp (60 Degrees F)
  • A – Gorgeous 2-Finger coffee color head with a nice mix of creamy bubbles and big bubbles. It subsides very slowly. You’d think this beer was completely black but it’s actually a very dark brown as you pour it into the glass. In the glass, it looks like pitch black (not oily, just pitch). Nice glass lacing and alcohol legs on a swirl.
  • S – The first scent is a delicious fresh espresso with nice crema. Follow up is bourbon and oak followed by a very sweet vanilla. It’s remarkable how each scent is so separate to make up this complete picture of amazing smelling beer.
  • T – On first sip, coffee and bourbon are what I get first. The bourbon and woodiness burns and sticks down my throat and into my chest. Like a fine whisky, the heat stays around for a while. The coffee quickly fades away to intense wood and vanilla. The heat is a bit too much for me.
  • M – 50/50 Bubbles to Liquid on a single mouth swish. Heavy bodied and very very astringent with huge bourbon and wood tastes. It’s super heavy and intense heat.
  • O – Great flavors but way too much heat and a very displeasing linger of woodiness. It is still a phenomenal beer. The issue with aging this beer is the coffee goes away. I would imagine, in 12 months, this beer’s heat would retract a bit but the intense coffee would fade which would ruin the fantastic awesome-ness that is coffee.

2012 Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) - Four Pack