“Today’s New Wave of So-Called “Beer Geek.””

via “John Smith” on Vimeo:

Today’s New Wave of So-Called “Beer Geek.” from John Smith on Vimeo.

I’d hate to admit that I did this for the first few days of getting excited about craft beers. A lot of the veteran beer lovers have made fun of this video but they’ve been drinking craft beer for decades. The landscape was different back then and they still get excited about it.

Me, well I discovered craft beer more recently when the scene was different and I can relate to this video but this lasted for about 3 days and then I changed the approach but I’ve never ordered beer on eBay…ever.

The day I became aware of craft beer

I was drinking this:



This beer was bottled mid-2010. I was sitting in St. Augustine at a bar that had opened after I moved away from St. Augustine for San Francisco. I was home in August of 2010 in between moving to New Hampshire and decided to splurge on a $20 beer. I recognized Sierra Nevada from my time out west and ordered this. My eyes were open for the first time to what beer could be. It wasn’t until a year later that I started buying beer like this regularly but I was aware of it and it set me on a new path in life. I acquired this in a trade last month. This nearly 2 year old beer has aged pretty well and reminds me of that night with friends – the night I discovered Craft Beer.