A few months ago, two guys on TalkBeer asked if we could share some bottles next time they came to Vermont. Of course I agreed! We had set to enjoy a vertical of Madness & Civilization from Hill Farmstead. 3 months later, they came up and we opened far more. Since that message and Hill Farmstead’s announcement that they are hosting Zwanze Day 2014, the group taking part in this tasting grew considerably.

Thursday night, 7 people sat in my living room drinking. 15 hours later, 11 people were in my house drinking. Two days of tastings with Zwanze Day happening on Saturday. I think it was one of the most fun tastings I’ve ever been to and I hope we get to do it next year.

Now, for a few photos:

Pre-Zwanze Tasting @ My House


Pre-Zwanze Tasting @ My House


Cantillon Crianza Helena


De Cam Framboise Lambiek


New Glarus R&D Peach


De Garde Black Raz Bu


La Face Cachée de la Pomme Neige Recolte D’Hiver