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Maybe this isn’t worse. I agree on the negatives of selling via eBay. However, I see trades like this a lot and these tick me off more than anything. I’ve traded Shaun’s beers before. It’s my understanding he doesn’t like that either. I did it in a few trades in one weeks time and traded for local things from other markets. See, Hill Farmstead is local and I can get it within an afternoon. To ask for the insane bottles above for growlers is frankly absurd. Then, I just picked up E, Art and Arthur. They were just sitting at the brewery a week after release and this guy asks for Cable Car for one of those? Hah! 

By the way, there’s a big difference between selling beer on eBay with a starting bid of 99 cents and no reserve and selling beer on eBay with a starting bid of $50 or $200 with a reserve of $500. I did the former. The market set the prices those beers sold for.

Just as I did on eBay, I do the same on trades. I offer up what I have and people can send back whatever they want. Essentially, what he’s doing is saying I want a Southhampton Black Raspberry Lambic (which goes for about $150 on eBay) for a bottle of Art which cost me $15. So, in short, he’s doing what any eBayer would do. Setting the bottle of E that was just purchased at a value of $150. 

This is why I say this is on par or worse than eBay to do trades like this. The guy does one HFS run and is trying to fill his whale quote for an entire year. It’s bullshit.