Abita Turbodog



adamjackson (193) – Canaan, USA – APR 3, 2012

Picked up a 6-Pack of this on a recent trip to Florida. Stored in the fridge and poured into a Stella glass. This was my favorite beer while living in Florida 5 years ago so let’s see if I still find it great. 

A – Poured a light brown out of the bottle. In the glass, it looks dark brown to black. Shine a flash light through it and you can see this is still a very light brown ale. The head produced was 3 fingers and leather brown in color. It dissipated to a tiny film of bubbles after about 3 minutes. 

S – The first thing I get is roasted malts and some smoked characteristics. There’s a light earthy-ness to this and dry malts that you get form other brown ales. I’m getting nuts like almond or walnut as well but that’s the roasted malt characteristics. No hop profile and no scent from the yeast used at all. 

T – The beer has a refreshing taste on first drink. Roasted nutty malts cover the tongue followed by a mild bitterness. There’s a sour taste at the back of my tongue like sewer water but it’s not huge and you have to try to find it. There’s a bit of coffee and cocoa flavor here but it’s very easy to miss. 

M – 50/50 bubbles on a mouth swish and it brings out that bad aspects of this beer which is disappointing. Roasted sewage linger on the finish. Light bodied and very drinkable. 

O – The taste is overall pretty flat but still very drinkable. It lacks any complex characteristics that other brown ales have. I would have this as a summer beer while mowing the grass. Nice to have but, for the price, not great.

Abita Turbodog Pour