BIIR Sweet-Sour / Red Series 2014


   AROMA 5/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 5/10   PALATE 1/5   OVERALL 9/20

37.5CL Bottle picked up in Belgium. I have a few of these so I’ll grab a bottle ever few years after this initial rating. In the 3xxx/3800 range of bottles. Quite a few of these. Very “limited” 🙂 Enjoyed at 40F in stemmed wine-glass.

A – No cork pop, actually no head unless I pour very vigorously. Appearance, dark reddish brown. Doesn’t look very appealing on appearance alone.

S – I get far more cherry aroma than raspberry. No tart or sour aroma at all. Some musty mold, oak, cheese and sweet cherry juice.

T – There’s a tart intensity on the sides of my mouth. Finish is just cherry juice with funk. At first, I do get a little bit of tart taste, more like a fruit salad than beer. I think all of the sour comes from raspberry. Copper, metal, tin taste in the middle to finish.

M – non existent mouthfeel. Thin, oily.

O – Unfortunately, I’m very unimpressed by this beer. Will wait a few years to try the other bottle.


BIIR Sweet-Sour / Red Series 2014

BIIR Sweet-Sour / Red Series 2014