The Bruery Arbre


Doing these side by side, 75CL split a few ways. Light toast version

A – Black with some maroon, reddish edges, 1 finger head that sticks around on the edges.

S – It smells really nice. Lots of vanilla, some marshmallow and oak. oak is certainly light but present.

T – Very light for what it is. Not a lot of mouthfeel, very thin, has a homebrew taste to it. Chocolate, cookies and tannins.

M – The mouthfeel is just really straight forward. Not winning many awards

O – This was an interesting beer but certainly not impressive so far.


Medium toast split a few ways alongside the other beers in the series

A – Black, reddish edges and similar in appearance to the lats one.

S – Smokey, char, chocolate, certainly has a solid aroma that’s intense and leads me to believe this is going to be a smokey mess.

T – Yeah, these really taste like oak-spiral homebrew. chocolate, fudge, tannins, a lot of sweetness at the finish.

M – Thin, a little bit of carb on mouth swish. decent.

O – Yeah, this is decent. not great. sigh.


The most intense char for the beer-geek palate.

A – Looks like the others, reddish edges, brown to black with a little head

S – Aroma is once again, pretty good. Lots of chocolate, oak, a little bit of bitterness.

T – Best of the 3, chocolate, lots of oak, some fudge, little bitterness but it has a nice lingering chocolate taste.

M – Decent mouthfeel. denser a little more boozy than the others and it just has more substance

O – This is the best of the three….but that’s not saying much.

The Bruery Arbre - Light Toast

The Bruery Arbre - Light Toast

The Bruery Arbre - Medium Toast