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   AROMA 9/10   APPEARANCE 5/5   TASTE 7/10   PALATE 5/5   OVERALL 18/20

adamjackson (1192) – Canaan, New Hampshire, USA – APR 28, 2013

A – Pours a fairly dark into the bottle. Not insanely dark and oily as you’d expect for a big stout. Nice 1 finger chocolate cover head that fades and leaves behind a bit of bubbles and some alcohol legsS – Doing this side by side with regular kegs from 2011. Smells sweet like fresh melted chocolate with a tad hint of maple.. it’s not a maple as I expected. Hint of Peet, walnuts and liquor but not boozey

T – Very smooth, not boozy, nice balance of roasted barley, coffee acidic and maple. but everything seems pretty’s not fresh anymore so I guess that’s to be expected but really nice balance between every aspect. Cedar chips are present and some chestnut sweetness.

M – Heavy body, very light balanced carbonation, loving the maple syrup liqueur finish. very sweet but the remaining coffee balances it out

O – Yeah, this was very special to have, certainly a lot of the big flavors I expected are way faded but it’s a nice treat and very delicious.

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   AROMA 9/10   APPEARANCE 5/5   TASTE 9/10   PALATE 3/5   OVERALL 17/20

adamjackson (1192) – Canaan, New Hampshire, USA – MAR 17, 2012

2011 Batch Poured into a Tulip Glass at Cellar Temp (60 Degrees F)A – Gorgeous 2-Finger coffee color head with a nice mix of creamy bubbles and big bubbles. It subsides very slowly. You’d think this beer was completely black but it’s actually a very dark brown as you pour it into the glass. In the glass, it looks like pitch black (not oily, just pitch). Nice glass lacing and alcohol legs on a swirl.

S – The first scent is a delicious fresh espresso with nice crema. Follow up is bourbon and oak followed by a very sweet vanilla. It’s remarkable how each scent is so separate to make up this complete picture of amazing smelling beer.

T – On first sip, coffee and bourbon are what I get first. The bourbon and woodiness burns and sticks down my throat and into my chest. Like a fine whisky, the heat stays around for a while. The coffee quickly fades away to intense wood and vanilla. The heat is a bit too much for me.

M – 50/50 Bubbles to Liquid on a single mouth swish. Heavy bodied and very very astringent with huge bourbon and wood tastes. It’s super heavy and intense heat.

O – Great flavors but way too much heat and a very displeasing linger of woodiness. It is still a phenomenal beer. The issue with aging this beer is the coffee goes away. I would imagine, in 12 months, this beer’s heat would retract a bit but the intense coffee would fade which would ruin the fantastic awesome-ness that is coffee.

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