Goose Island 2009 Bourbon County Brand Stout


   AROMA 10/10   APPEARANCE 5/5   TASTE 8/10   PALATE 4/5   OVERALL 18/20

adamjackson (500) – Canaan, USA – JUL 30, 2012

Review #499. 2009 Vintage. Enjoyed in a snifter at cellar temp (60 Degrees F). 

A – Nice carbonation psst as I open the bottle which is always a great sign. No head formed. Poured a viscous pitch black into the glass. Midnight black with some motor oil sort of texture. Nice alcohol legs on the swirl. 

S – I can smell the bourbon from 2 feet away which is always a great sign. Big burning bourbon scent up close. Hints of vanilla and campfire. Some roasted malts 

T – More licorice than the 2011 and 2010 I sampled. Lots of up front licorice. Hint of cardboard taste. The bourbon takes over and coats the tongue with charred oak, vanilla and the finish is all raisins and caramel. On a second sip, I get this hint of pure cane syrup like molasses that my family makes back home. 

M – 25% carbonation. heavy body. Boozy burn on the back of the throat and to the chest. The oaky bourbon taste with vanilla sticks around for a while. 

O – I’ve had vintages ’07 and 09-11. Each of them are very delicious. This is a delectable beer that I would enjoy more often if only it was more readily available. The licorice in this bottle was more pronounced than any other vintage I’ve had and yes, it’s a turn off. I’m rating this one purely on all I’ve had and thus will ignore this on this one bottle. This is an excellent well-balanced beer that is exceptional in every way. 


Goose Island 2009 Bourbon County Brand Stout

Goose Island 2009 Bourbon County Brand Stout