100 Barrel Series #41: Catamount Maple Wheat - Harpoon Brewery




adamjackson (197) – Canaan, USA – APR 6, 2012

Picked this up today fresh off the rack as batch #1 of session 41. This has been brewed before in previous 100 barrel series beers which is disappointing they’re recycling this AGAIN for a 3rd time. I’ve never had it before so here goes. Best by 7/15/2012. Taken out of the fridge and poured into a Newcastle glass. 

A – Poured a 3-finger off white to tan head. Tons of tiny bubbles making up a very creamy head. It slowly subsided but never quite went away.The beer is a light brown to dark brown depending on how much light you shine behind it. No haze or clouds at all. Very simple in appearances. 

S – First scent I pickup is a heavy maple wood scent. It’s not the maple syrup, it’s all about the wood here. Syrup is sort of there but, to New Englanders, this is clearly maple wood scent. The wheat is very obvious to pick out but nothing too impressive. It has that classic Weissbier scent. There’s also some vanilla, cane syrup and some tree bark scent. 

T – Wow. Maple syrup hints the tongue first followed by the wheat and a roasted almonds taste. It’s very lively but lacking the sweetness you’d expect from a maple beer. It’s also a very dry beer. 

M – 60/40 carbonation on the mouth swish. Light bodied and the wheat lingers long after swallowing which I’m not really for or against. It just sort of stays around. The beer dries out the mouth and there is a hint of maple after swallowing but not much. 

O – This is a good beer but not one I would have recommended Harpoon bring back again and again. It’s alright but not something I’d buy a 2nd time.

100 Barrel Series #41: Catamount Maple Wheat - Harpoon Brewery

100 Barrel Series #41: Catamount Maple Wheat - Harpoon Brewery