Rich & Dan's Rye IPA - Harpoon Brewery



adamjackson (197) – Canaan, USA – APR 6, 2012

My amazing girlfriend picked up the first bottle being put on the shelves at Harpoon Brewery in Vermont. I had this before when it was the 100 Barrel Series. It was so popular, they made it into a 375ml bottle and started selling it beyond the specialty beer shops. Taken out of my fridge and poured into a Newcastle glass. Best by 7/15/12 

A – Poured a 3-finger off-white head with a creamy appearance. The head subsided to a quarter finger pretty fast. The beer is a light golden brown with tons of very hazy / cloudy bits floating around. It looks like a solid dry hopped beer. 

S – Yep, great hops right on the nose creating that classic pine and grapefruit scent with bits of orange peel. I’m getting very sweet hops and I’d like to say Centennial hops but I’m not quite sure. Very very fresh. 

T – There’s a nice solid mix of rye and hops. The rye starts to dominate but the astringent hop profiles blast away at full force and cover the tongue with delightful bitterness. The rye finishes out the taste as you swallow. Very very good. There’s some roasted malts in this and a bit of nuttiness. 

M – 80% bubbles on a single mouth swish that unleashes the great rye taste. Very very drinkable, medium-bodied and delicious rye taste that sticks around after swallowing. I’m a fan! 

O – Yeah, I have to buy more of this. Delicious, drinkable and very nice as the weather starts warming up.


Rich & Dan's Rye IPA - Harpoon Brewery

Rich & Dan's Rye IPA - Harpoon Brewery