Hill Farmstead Flora (Satsuma Mandarin)



   AROMA 7/10   APPEARANCE 5/5   TASTE 7/10   PALATE 5/5   OVERALL15/20

adamjackson (1750) – Lyme, New Hampshire, USA – DEC 7, 2013  [delete] [move]

Bottled late summer, enjoyed the 375ML by myself, full pour for the haters. 55F temp leaving an ounce behind for dregs.A – Looks like a rich Chardonnay, slight tint of yellow with champagne like bubbles. The little head there is fades in about a minute.

S – Nose is earthy / funky with a slight citrus zest. Not as overpowering as I anticipated. Nose is also slightly grapey with musty tannins and oak.

T – The taste is still unquestionably Hill Farmstead Flora. Nice explosion of wheat, tart grape, apple and pear notes and an earthy rustic, slightly bitter finish. The orange however, it’s there…it’s totally there but in no way does it raise its hand and draw attention. I would just say this is a Juicy Flora or a more acidic citrusy Florence with an added tart and oak presence.

M – Very dry body, carbonation doesn’t erupt as only 50% of the beer turns of foamy bubbles on a very heavy swish. This was also not a bottle bomb or gusher. I’d say the carbonation is spot on.

O – As far as Hill Saisons go, this beer rests somewhere between Arthur and Ann for me. Art, Flora, Mimosa and Arthur being my top beers followed by Ann, Anna, Florence and Edith. I’d drink Arthur over this beer but it still holds its own and a beer I’d love to have again.

Hill Farmstead Flora (Satsuma Mandarin)

Hill Farmstead Flora (Satsuma Mandarin)