Hill Farmstead Gin Clara (2015)
Overall 3.5/5

AdamChandler (3854) – Enfield, New Hampshire, USA – NOV 5, 2015
375ML, kept in the fridge upright for a week since purchase and split 2 ways at 35F (allowed to warm slowly)

A – Impressive cap whisp of air that had me thinking we were gonna have a volatile beer on our hands. Nope, all good. Solid pour with a 3 finger off-white head. The beer is a deep golden orange, no sediment but that’s mostly due to storage & care.

S – The aroma is a mix of a lot of things. Hill’s magical microflora, tart juicy brettanomyces and oak tannins. There’s a very floral aroma if you’re an inch from the glass, the aroma gets more medicinal as you dive in with your nose. Lemon zest is very pronounced. The smells is almost a sweet honeysuckle rose combo. It smells really great.

T – Well, if you love Gin….this is pretty awesome. It’s floral, herbal, bright, juicy with a lot of citrus, rosemary, juniper and pepper. The Gin influence falls short in the middle with tart Clara, orange, lemon and oak. Long after you swallow, the herbal remnants remain. It’s medicinal though and that’s probably my main issue with it but I blame that entirely on the Gin.

M – body is thin and a little oily, you can get a good carbonation if you swish aggressively.

O – I like basic commercial mass-produced Gin like Tanqueray 10. Even then, I water them down with tonic and lime. This has a lot of gin aspects but it’s too sweet and floral for me to really enjoy and maybe that’s because it’s really high-quality Gin? I don’t know.
Hill Farmstead Gin Clara (2015)

Hill Farmstead Gin Clara (2015)