Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization #5

Overall 3.9/5


AdamChandler (4047) – Enfield, New Hampshire, USA – FEB 5, 2016

500ML Bottle. Acquired a few weeks ago. Stored upright at fridge temp and split 2-ways in stemmed HF glassware.

A – Completely black, no red edges nothing. This is oil. There’s a small espresso colored head that fades to a thin line.

S – Well crap..just going to go ahead and score the nose a perfect 10. Toffee, tootsie roll, fudge, coffee, vanilla, coconut, oak, campfire and bourbon. Smells exceptional it has a lot of De Molen qualities to it and their stouts smell pretty damn good when they hit their mark.

T – yeah, I’d imagine there has to be a a LOT of De Molen in this beer. Booze, sugar, whiskey, even a bit of smoked scotch taste to this one with vanilla and espresso bean. It does have this burnt oak taste that lingers long after finishing which is akin to the roast of Everett and that booze bomb that was De Molen works.

M – Thin carbonation, very light, no sweet and syrupy than carbed that that can change with time.

O – Really great beer. Wish it tasted at the quality it smelled.

Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization #5

Hill Farmstead Madness and Civilization #5