Hill Farmstead

Before everyone gets their afternoon knickers in a tizzy, I was as amazed as most of you when I started hearing rumblings of a new Hill Farmstead Works of Love beer. A quick check with Mr. Hill and it seems there is a new Works of Love tea variant. Ryan’s English influence continues to impact Hill’s latest beers and instead of Earl Grey, we now have a blonde ale with Lady Grey Tea. A quick google search sends me here.

Lady Grey tea is a variation on the famous Earl Grey tea. Like Earl Grey it is a black tea scented with oil of bergamot (though in lower concentrations in Lady Grey). Additionally it contains lemon peel and orange peel oil.

Sounds really nice but add this beer to one I’m reviewing having never heard of Lady Grey Tea but this is not some professional blog. In fact, I’m throwing up this review without even the common courtesy of a line-break. I blame this on the fact that most reviews I write on my iPhone just make it seem like I’m lazy when in fact, I hate typing on software keyboards…it’s just a shame that Blackberry doesn’t get any good apps due to their single digit market-share. Instead of bringing my MacBook Pro into Parker Pie on Saturday, I decided to push through this lazy review of a beer that deserved much more than I wrote:


   AROMA 8/10   APPEARANCE 5/5   TASTE 8/10   PALATE 3/5   OVERALL 15/20

Draft, A very hazy yellow. 2 finger head with tight bubbles. The aroma is very similar to brother Earl. Tea is present, wheat and America hops. Well, this appears to have even more tea than earl grey. Some sort of saffron, tea, nutmeg, black pepper thing going on. Low abv and the malts are well integrated. Slight sweetness at the finish. Good stuff

I liked this more than the original blond tea ale. Hoping to get a growler or two of it once it’s on draft at Hill Farmstead. For now, the beautiful clean beer lines at Parker Pie will have to do. I’ll consider re-writing this review when I can actually sit down at a real keyboard and try this again after a few weeks.

Seriously, this is me on most days that I’m authoring this blog…asking Starbucks to borrow an Ethernet cable like it’s normal: