I was asked to review my own home-brews by a few friends and commenters. Here they are. 

Tasting my Homebrews

This is the first beer I brewed. A wheat beer from Brewer’s Best. I added 2 ounces of blackberry beer flavoring

A – After 4 weeks, still very cloudy and murky with a sort of plum appearance. 2-finger head that subsides to a single finger pretty fast

S – I added too much blackberry extract. This beer is a blackberry bomb on the nose. Wheat is still there but not as strong as the nose of just wheat before adding the fruits.

T – Very florally nice with an opening up-front bright spring wheat taste. Grassy and the middle of the tongue tastes the blackberry. Its bigger than I wanted but actually not overwhelming on the tongue as it is on the nose. Finish is this very malty / wheat bitterness that reminds me of chewing on a tobacco leaf.

M – 20% carbonation. Light body. Fruity dry musty finish.

O – 65/100. The appearance is gross looking which is common with home-brews without a wort chiller or poor siphoning and boil temps. Smell is dominant blackberry. The finish is pretty yucky.


This is the second beer I ever brewed. A Double IPA from True Brew. I dry hopped with Citra instead of the initial recommendation. I also did an extra hop addition of Columbus at boil termination. I killed the keg on this as I poured the last ounce

A – Really nice clarity. Zero haze, totally clear throughout. Dark golden appearance. 2 finger head subsides to just a thin line of bubbles.

S – Huge dominating Grapefruit scent from the citra. Citra dry-hopping really hung on. Slight bit of lemongrass.

T – Ruby Red grapefruit juice, bananas and pine needles. Intense bitterness that stays around long after the beer is swallowed. The bitterness at the end is intense and disappointing.

M – 10% carbonation on the mouth swish. Probably my fault. Heavy body.

O – 75/100. The nose and up front taste is nice. Clarity is good but the finish is almost garbage like in taste.


This is the third beer I ever brewed. A Russian Imperial Stout from Brewer’s Best. I added 12 ounces of milk chocolate to the last 5 minutes of the boil which I now know was dumb and 2 ounces of toasted oak chips.

A – Pitch black in the glass. Dark brown on the edges. Almost no head at all due to the oil in the milk chocolate bars I used. No head at all after pouring.

S – Dominant oak presence followed by espresso beans and chocolate milk. Spicy feeling on the back of the throat.

T – Up front taste is a mixture of burnt wood and smoke. Tastes like I’m eating a campfire. It’s very intense and the finish is heavy dark malts and chocolate espresso beans which is pleasant but the smoke sticks around forever! UGH. A few friends enjoyed it but if you don’t like smoked beers, you won’t like t his one.

M – 5% carbonation, heavy body. Nasty campfire oily finish.

O – 20/100. Next time, less Oak chips, cocoa nibs and longer fermentation time .


Tasting my Homebrews

This is my 4th brew. It’s an American Pale Ale from Brewer’s Best but I decided to dry hop it with Citra and Columbus.

A – Cloudy and hazy golden brown. I did a bad job filtering this beer so some hop sediment came with the beer.

S – Nice nose. Orange citrus peels. Lemon and wheat. Some level of funkiness and fresh cut grass. I also get orange soda. A sweet citrus sort of scent.

T – Yeah. I like this beer a lot with one exception. It’s extremely metallic. Copper taste in this beer and I’m not sure why. Bright orange citrus taste up front, slight bit of grass and vanilla. finish is a copper bomb and it stays around.

M – 25% carbonation, medium body. nasty finish.

O – 45/100. Everything is great about this beer but the horrendous nasty metallic taste I get at the finish is depressing and makes me go get a pepsi to wash the bad taste out.