River Roost Swamp Monster in Love

Overall 3.9/5

AdamChandler (4089) – Enfield, New Hampshire, USA – FEB 20, 2016

64 ounce growler picked up yesterday. Stored cold, split a few ways w/ some RBers

A – Really good appearance. Hazy burnt orange, a 2 finger creamy head, not sticky lacing at all.

S – Aroma is fairly predictable. Juicy, NZL hop profile, with a bit of grape skins, nectarine, peaches, pineapple. smells fantastic.

T – The hop profile here…well it’s a single hop which means you’re going to get the great and the crap. It starts off great, that initial bitterness is great then it fades to a very resin-heavy orange-rind yuck. It’s great if you’re really into a west coast style IPA. The malt backbone is heavily complimentary. A touch of table sugar, caramel, pretty impressive.

M – Decent mouthfeel. It lacks that dryness that I as a part time beer drinker have come to expect but truthfully, it’s not lacking in style, just lacking on what I’ve come to expect…my fault, not that of the brewery

O – Overall, I could have 2-3 pints before I could get tired of it.

River Roost Swamp Monster in Love